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Fun In The Sun

Loreto offers many fun, and exciting adventures. One the most popular activities that brings people here is the world class fishing.


The Yellowtail is a popular fish for many anglers during the first part of the year. That changes during the summer, when the fish of choice becomes the Dorado, (Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish), all three are the same species of  fish, just different names, depending on the region. There is an abundance of many other species as well.


Loreto is also a perfect for diving, and snorkeling. There are so many well known, popular dive sights inside the Loreto Bay National Park. We highly recommend Blue Nation for diving, and snorkeling. they are very knowledgeable, and affordable.

Another popular activity is whale watching. There are several varieties here in the park (the protected area inside the Islands). Blue, Grey, Humpback,and Pilot whales to name a few.


There are also Island tours, camping, and kayaking, which have been gaining popularity. For the serious hunter, the big Island, Carmen offers a guided hunt for, Desert Bighorn Sheep.


The town is great for walking, but some people choose to bicycle around, there are a few spots here that you can affordably rent them. There are also Kayak rentals here as well, many people will take a week or so to tour the islands in kayak, while camping, I have not heard a single bad thing about the tour guides, or the destinations they choose.

Loreto also offers a wide range of gourmet dining establishments, from authentic local cuisine, to seafood, hamburgers, and everything in between.


Customize your trip today. We have many people, places, and things that we highly recommend to make tour trip to Loreto unique, and special, no matter haw many times you visit.


We are looking forward to get acquainted with you.

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